MIMK-085 The tough female boss and the lucky subordinate

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My boss, Rie Makino, is an extremely difficult and strict person, but her abilities are recognized by the whole company, and everyone respects her. Even though I know Rie-san is married, I still like her. One time when we were on a business trip together, I accidentally entered the wrong women's bathroom. Because I was afraid others would see me, Rie-san used her body to cover me. The giant breasts were blurred through the thin towel combined with Rie-san's body scent, making me unable to stand it anymore. I immediately rushed to take possession of the seductive body that I longed for every night. Even though she kept saying no, her body told me that she was craving sex, she continuously climaxed while making love to me. And after that business trip, Rie-san still couldn't forget me, she worked overtime to have sex with me, officially becoming my lover!

MIMK-085 The tough female boss and the lucky subordinate
 Movie Code: MIMK-085 
 Actor: JULIA